Chambers Mission & Goals

The York County Chamber of Commerce’s mission is to support our existing business community, attract new businesses, and to continue to be the voice of business in York County.

Organizational Goals

In order to complete its mission, the York County Chamber of Commerce’s goals are:

Helping the existing businesses by:

  • Developing a Political Action Committee to represent businesses in county and state legislative and political affairs.
  • Determining and connecting the needs of the businesses in York County.
  • Educating the business community.
  • Promoting EDA services and programs.

Assist in developing new business by:

  • Acting as a conduit between the commercial real estate community, the business community, and Chamber.
  • Promoting the already established incubator programs in the region.
  • Establish and maintain an Ambassador Program.
  • Performing regular ordinance reviews and recommendations.

Be the voice of business in York County by:

  • Meeting with the Board of Supervisor representative monthly to voice awareness of business concerns.
  • Actively advertising the Chamber’s position as the representative of businesses to the County.
  • Educating businesses on policy & ordinance changes and needs and on the Chamber’s successes.