Peninsula Endodontics

Peninsula Endodontics is a practice limited to endodontics also known as root canal treatment.
Endodontics (from the Greek endo "inside"; and odons "tooth") deals with the tooth pulp and the tissues surrounding the root of a tooth. If the pulp (containing nerves, arterioles, venules, lymphatic tissue, and fibrous tissue) becomes diseased or injured, endodontic treatment is required to save the tooth. This basically means that having a root canal performed allows someone to not have their natural tooth extracted. There is nothing like having your natural tooth.

Root canal therapy should be considered if the tooth is determined by the general dentist to be restorable (able to save). If the tooth is not determined to be saved, then Dr. Jordan after consultation with your dentist, will refer you back to your dentist for other treatment options. We aim to work with your dentist to provide optimal dental care.

Dr Kalisha Jordan
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