Lighthouse Direct Primary Care

Lighthouse Direct Primary Care

Business owners are looking for ways to optimize their business and create new sources of revenue. Did you know there is an estimated 20-30% of waste hidden in your health insurance program? Did you know combining Direct Primary Care (DPC) with your employees’ health insurance can save 20-40% on their and your costs?

Lighthouse Direct Primary Care can help. I’m a Board Certified and State Licensed Family Physician. DPC increases access to quality health care by removing the typical constraints the insurance companies put on us and best of all it makes it more affordable to our patients.

Recent Success Stories:
1. I got someone a $900 lifesaving medication (insurance price) for $90 (cash price).
2. Sentara ER Labs costing $761.00 cost $13.70 with Lighthouse Direct Primary Care. Many of my labs are cheaper than what you pay in a conventional doctor’s office.
3. I got someone a $2,000 MRI (insurance price) for $550.

We offer same day/next day visits and we help your family and employees miss less work and stay healthier by providing better access to their physician. Our patients have unlimited visits without copays and 30-60 minute relaxed visits.

The link below shows how the rest of the country is benefitting from DPC. If this sounds like something you or someone you care about might be interested in, please give me a call.
See the webcast for R.E. West Transportation(2nd from the bottom)

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