Zaremba Center for Estate Planning and Elder Law

Clients engage this firm knowing that their situation is unique; after all, no two families are alike. What we know is that initially, for almost all of our clients, it is about the dollars and “sense”: "here’s how much money we have, what plan makes sense for our family?" Through a carefully orchestrated process, clients are shown that proper estate planning includes a means of protecting the family's wealth from divorce or creditor claims while ensuring that their legacy is ultimately used to nurture their family’s values for the next generation. While clients know that protecting and preserving family relationships is just as important as growing their wealth, many never realize that a properly drafted estate plan can be the methodology used to make that dream a reality.

Occasionally, the firm is asked to help solve a painful family problem that has festered for years ­ in hopes of saving further heartache. More often, clients call upon the firm to design plans that provide protection from frivolous lawsuits or provide a tax efficient transition of wealth from the present to succeeding generations of family members. Everyone has likely heard of or perhaps witnessed first hand someone who received an inheritance before they were mature enough to handle it properly. Most families now recognize that the inappropriate disposition of wealth to family members who are unprepared to receive it carries far more potential for harm than good.

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